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Chocolate Parties

Host Your Own Chocolate Party

Getting together with a group of friends for a party is always good fun but to really make it a great event why not organise a Chocolate party? They can normally be arranged from late September to early December and then from mid February to just before Easter. Some of our Distributors also book occasional Chocolate Parties at other times.

If there is a Chocoholics Distributor in your area they will come along to your home, meeting place or office and set up a display of chocolates and gifts. Where appropriate, there will also be a short presentation, (normally no more than ten minutes) that will include tasting samples of selected products. Those attending will then be given the opportunity to view the range and place their orders.

Prices start at just 25p and the quality is excellent so everyone will be sure to get good value for money.

Where the total sales made to the party guests  exceeds £175, a commission will be paid to the hostess of either 7.5% in cash or 10% in chocolates and for larger orders you could also qualify for points towards a Free Gift.

Your local Distributor will be able to help you by supplying invitations and brochures and they will also be able to give you lots of tips to help you have a successful Party.

Please note that Chocolate Parties can only be organised if:

  1. There is a Distributor in your area and
  2. That person is able to book the function.

If you know your local Chocoholics Distributor, we would advise you to contact them and they will be able to make the necessary arrangements.

If you would like the details of a local Chocoholics Distributor by email please click here  and complete the form. We will then check who is the most approptiate person to put you in touch with. Alternatively, call us on 01189 321043 and we can tell you immediately!