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Corporate and Business Gifts

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Corporate and Business Gifts

Corporate and Business Gifts

Corporate and Business Chocolates and Gifts.

Build and develop your business with staff and customer business and corporate gifts.


Having a plan to develop and increase your business requires that you understand the importance of motivating both your staff and your customers. Whether you are involved in manufacturing, distribution, retail or the service industry your aim should be to strive to perfect these goals.

Maintaining and growing your customer base is extremely important in today’s competitive market. Achieving this involves nurturing existing clients and identifying and promoting your business to prospective customers.

What to use Corporate gifts for:

Identifying the key decision makers is easier with existing clients but for new business you will need to become a bit of a detective! The internet has made life a little easier as individuals and companies now promote themselves actively on websites like Linkedin or Facebook and finding a contact name is much easier.

Once you have identified who you want to contact to you have to decide on how you do that, do you use old fashioned 'snail mail' or perhaps an email. Either way crafting an introduction that encourages a potential customer to contact you is not easy.

Studies suggest that communications that arrive either with a gift, or with the offer of a gift, are more likely to elicit a response. Personalising the gifts with either the recipient's name, or with a marketing message, are more likely to bring an enthusiastic reaction. Once you have progressed to the stage of making contact with a prospective customer then you can start the process of developing your business.

Gifting can also encourage staff to work towards your company's objectives Rewarding your workforce in the correct way makes them feel appreciated and this in turn makes them happier. This, in-turn, makes them more productive and improves efficiency. The right incentives will make your business more successful and profitable.

What kind of Corporate Gifts:

Whatever your target audience, it is imperative that you offer the right type of gift. Whereas consumables such as pens, diaries or calendars were once seen as the ideal business gift idea, new kinds of gifts such as power banks or pen drives (data storage and USB keys) and gift sets seem to be the new kids on the block.

But what about chocolate? You’d be hard-pushed to find anyone in your circle of family, friends or work colleagues who did not like chocolate so for many people this could be the ideal solution to your gifting woes. With thirty years experience Chocolates for Chocoholics know exactly what would make your staff and your customers happy!

With many years experience Chocolates for Chocoholics have considerable experience in designing suitable packaging and combining this with high quality, luxury chocolates boxes and gift ideas. Over recent years the company's direct-sales mail order department and an online shop have made ordering very easy.

Chocoholics' approach for the Corporate and Business market has always been to try to make your life as easy as possible. They understand that you are busy and as long as you can give them some basic information - the quantity you need , a budget and in indication of any theme you may have they can quickly provide samples for your appraisal.

Marketing Director Victoria Cossey says, “Our new and improved corporate brochure offers customers a comprehensive range of gift boxes ranging from a simple ballotin style box (a small rectangular box containing two chocolates) to a large assortment case containing seventy-two delicious chocolates. Contemporary styles and ribbons are available in a range of different colours to suit your company’s branding or livery and also rigid, luxury boxes in differing shapes and sizes. We hope to be inclusive for all budgets.”


Where Chocoholics really excel is their personalisation. The nature of this type of service means that as well as getting exactly what you want, the products are handmade to order by real people rather than mass-produced by machines. Victoria adds, “Working in conjunction with our designer, we can create a truly bespoke corporate gift with the right message to encourage repeat business or incentivising your team.”

From a simple brand identity that can be achieved via a hot-foil print direct to the box to a complete full colour design with a wrapper, the personalisation facility offers up a unique opportunity in identifying key target marketing and a way of engaging with your audience directly. The latter service can also be used on delicious chocolate bars and also Neapolitans (small square chocolates with branded wrapper usually eaten at the end of a meal). You can even choose the type or flavour of chocolates depending on the season.

Cost Control:

With three decades of working in the confectionery industry, Chocoholics have an excellent working relationships with their suppliers resulting in exclusive chocolates and products not found anywhere else. By utilising strict cost control methods they are able to offer luxury gift items at very reasonable prices - an important consideration when you also have to watch your costs!

Managing Director Liz Cossey says, “We have always endeavoured to offer a wide selection of top quality chocolates in luxury packaging at realistic prices."

The company has an extensive range of products to suit all budgets and their continued long-term working relationships with suppliers has helped us maintain extremely competitive price points across the range. Victoria added, “We aim to be flexible in both choice and price as we understand how important it is for any business's to control their budgets carefully and efficiently. Our aim is to offer you the best price possible whether you want small or large quantities."

Fast Service:

Another important factor in business is time. In today’s crazy world of hustle and bustle it’s hard to keep focused and on top of your workload. Vicky says, “Orders received by Chocoholics are generally turned around in 2-3 weeks depending on the level of personalisation required but shorter turnaround times can be achieved in most cases. We design, produce and pack here at our own premises so you truly get the personalisation your customers are looking for.”

The current Chocolates for Chocoholics Corporate Gifts brochure contains compliments from numerous existing clients so why not give them a chance to quote for your next promotional gift.

Contact details:

Victoria Cossey, Marketing Manager

Chocolates for Chocoholics Ltd

Lea farm Lodge Rd

Hurst, Reading RG10 0SS

Tel 01189 321043