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Earn Commission


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With government and local council funding now becoming very restricted it is becoming far harder for charities and other fundraisers to generate the income they need.

We frequently get emails from schools, playgroups etc asking us for free boxes of chocolates for them to use as raffle prizes. Although we would like to be able to help everyone the cost of supplying and mailing out donations is now too expensive so we have to decline those requests.

We are also often asked to attend Spring/Christmas fairs, pamper evenings or shopping evenings. Unfortunately these kind of events are not normally very successful for us with the result that the contribution we can make to the fundraiser is minimal.

We would like to do what we can to help these fundraisers and our normal recommendation is that you to look at our Gold Discount Customer plan.

The way that it works is very simple, you join the plan, we send you 20 brochures and you distribute them out to people connected to your group. This could be the parents at a playschool or nursery, parishioners at a church, fundraisers at a charity etc. We already have lots of fundraisers who do this so we know it is feasible to generate sales of £500, £1000 or sometimes well over that figure.

You can earn commission and also qualify for a special rebate based on the total amount sold.

A small amount of work is required - handing our brochures, collecting orders, ordering from us and then handing out the orders. This does not need to take up a lot of time and for some people it can be fun!