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Earn Commission

How much more can you earn with Chocoholics as a Gold Discount Customer this Easter?

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Every time you place an online order of at least £175.00 on our website we will deduct 15% discount and you will also get free delivery saving £4.50.

As an example, if your order is for £200.00 you will pay us £170.00

In order to help you maximise the cash you can earn from selling our chocolates we have developed a cash bonus scheme that will reward you for higher sales.

The easiest way to get your bonus payment is to place your LAST order over the phone as we can deduct your bonus immediately. You can do this by phoning us and reading the order out over the phone or by using the spreadsheet we send you when you order your pack. For information on using the spreadsheet click HERE

At the end of the season we will add up all your orders and we will pay you an additional discount based on your total combined sales of over £300.00. The examples below shows the various additional discounts you could earn.

Over £250.00 - 1.0% 

Over £300.00 - 2.0%

Over £350.00 - 3.0%

Over £500.00 - 4.0% 

Over £650.00 - 5.0%

Over £800.00 - 6.0%

Over £1000.00 - 7.0%

Over £1250.00 - 8.0%