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Summarising and ordering using an A3 order form

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How to summarise the order on a paper A3 order sheet:

a) On one side of the sheet is a list of all our products and there are columns headed Code and Order. As you pick up each individual order find the product codes on the A3 sheet and write the number required on the order column.

b) QUICK TIP, if the quantity happens to be double digit e.g. 12 - then put a circle round it. This avoids ordering in that case 3 when you want 12.

An alternative could be to use the 'Five Bar Gate' system of keeping a tally of the orders.

It might also be worth writing the total of the box in a different colour ink.

c) If you have lots of orders it is possible you might need two sheets

d) On the reverse of the sheet is a list of 40 numbers where you can write the individual customers name and order value.

e) QUICK TIP - It is worth double checking the addition on the order form in case the customer has under or overcharged themself.

Once you have entered all the orders on and have a summary of everything you need to order you are ready to contact us.

Your first option  options:

Your first option is to call us on 01189 321043 and give us the order over the phone. 

You will need to read out the items you need by quoting the code number and total quantity on the order. Ordering over the phone also means that we can advise you of any items that have sold out and suggest alternatives.

The minimum order to qualify for commission and free delivery on telephoned orders is £200.00.

If you phone an order in that has not been summarised then it will take a long time to take your order and in that case the discount changes to 10% .

When you phone in we will ask you for your postcode and this should bring your details up on our computers. We will confirm with you your GDC number, your full address and mobile number. We ask for the mobile number because occasionally we might need to contact you but more importantly because our courier, DPD, will contact you by text with the estimated time of your delivery. You will also be asked for any special delivery instructions and will be notified of your delivery date. Please note some delivery addresses in the UK can take 2-3 days after the order is despatched.

Once your order has been completed we will advise you of the total cost and your discount and we will ask you for your card details. We accept Mastercard and Visa and cannot accept payment by more than one card. We do not accept any other types of cards or cheques. 

Your second option is to log into your online account at and type in the code numbers and quantities on to our website. This can be much more convenient for many people as you can order whenever you want.

The minimum order size to qualify for commission and free delivery on orders placed online is just £175.00

The third option is to prepare your order on the Excel spreadsheet and email that to us on: 

You will to call us on 01189 321043 once you have emailed the order to us.