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Summarising your order with the Excel Spreadsheet

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If you have Excel on your computer or tablet then you might like to consider summarising your orders using the spreadsheet we send you. Open the file we sent you and save the blank spreadsheet with the name 'Blank Order Fom' somewhere on your computer.

When you open the spreadsheet you will see a blank form similar to the example above with space for your name and contact details, a notes box and then an area where you can enter the orders you have collected. The example above has some information already entered to show you what it will look like but to start with it will be empty.

Take your first order and then enter the code number into the first box on line one in the column headed CODE.

The product details will appear automatically when you 'tab' across to the quantity column.   

Enter the quantity ordered into column three and the total box will then automatically fill. Check to make sure that the order and the spreadsheet match. If they don't then the possibility is that the customer has not multiplied the quantity and price correctly and you may not have the correct payment.

Press 'enter' to return to the code column on the next line.

Keep entering all the items on all the orders until finished. Save the file under a different name on your computer

You then have two options: 

You can send the Excel file to us via email at and then call us so that we can discuss the order and collect payment. Please remember to include the details on the top left section - name, address etc. To qualify for the 15% discount and free delivery the telephoned order needs to to be at least £200.

Alternatively you can enter the summarised order on to our website and order online. If you choose that option then the minimum order for discount and free delivery is £175.00

If you have any questions about the Excel program please call us on 01189 321043 and ask for Vanessa.