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What to do after you receive your GDC pack

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When your pack arrives you need to hand out the brochures as quickly as possible and invite the people you give them to let you have their order and payment. If you run out of immmediate friends to give a brochure to then why not consider offering them to colleagues at work or people you meet at clubs or organisations. If you have younger children at school or nursery then perhaps you could make them available to other mums. Other options are, the checkout operator at your local supermarket, banks or post offices, churches, local pubs in fact anywhere where there are other people.

We recommend you collect the orders as early as possible in our season to ensure you have access to our full range. As with all seasonal items we can run out of selected items as the season progresses but you can check availability of any item by visiting our website and searching for it. If it is on our website then it is available at that time.

Please do not hold on to orders for too long as stocks can change. We will also send you regular stock updates by email.

Once you have collected sufficient orders you then have two options:

When the GDC pack you order online is delivered we will upgrade your account so that any order you place online during the season that is at least £175.00 will automatically get the GDC discount of 15% and free delivery.

You will not have to enter any discount codes as the savings will be made immediately. 

If you prefer to order your pack over the phone, and you want to place your orders over the phone, then the minimum order for discount and free delivery will be £200.00

Once you have collected some orders you then have a number of options;

Order online; Click HERE

Order by email; Click HERE

Order over the phone Click HERE