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Earn commission by becoming a Gold Discount Customer


Why you should apply for a GDC (Gold Discount Customer) pack.

If you are able collect orders from people you know this Spring and then combine them to place a bigger order from us we will give you a cash discount and free delivery on qualifying orders. The difference between the cash you collect from your customers and what you pay us is your commission.

You will also discover lots of new friends - anyone with chocolates is always popular!

Everyone loves chocolates so finding customers is easy and the big advantage for your friends is that they will benefit from free delivery by ordering through you.

To help you show our chocolates to your friends we will send you links to our new online Spring brochure. You can pass the links on by email, text, Whatsapp or via social media like Facebook. 

We also have a very popular Bonus plan that enables you to get an additional discount on the value of the combined orders you place during that season. 

Our staff here at Chocoholics are always ready to help and advise you and by joining the plan you will also get the opportunity to participate in our GDC Facebook group.