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Earn commission by becoming a Gold Discount Customer


Earn money by selling our chocolate range through catalogues! 

 If you can answer "Yes" to any of the questions below you could earn commission by selling our chocolates

Do you have lots of friends who you speak to regularly. 

Do you work where there are lots of other people - an office, bank, call centre, supermarket etc?

Have you any customers you already sell to, or have sold to, e.g. Avon, Betterware, other party plan businesses etc?

Do you Fundraise (or plan to) for a charity, your local school, or other good cause?

Are you a member of a club or organisation that have regular meetings.

Why you should apply for a GDC (Gold Discount Customer) pack:

  1. No set working hours so fits in well with family etc.
  2. Earn extra money in the lead up to Easter or Christmas
  3. Make lots of new friends - anyone with Chocoholics brochures is always popular!
  4. Finding people who want to buy chocolate is easy - particularly at Mother's Day, Easter and Christmas
  5. We provide you with 20 brochures to show your friends
  6. You can order online, by emailing an Excel spreadsheet or over the phone 
  7. A bonus scheme that enables you to get an additional discount on the value of the combined orders you place during that season. Read More by clicking HERE
  8. Free delivery on orders over £150.00 plus 15% discount on orders of over £175.00 or £200 if you order over the phone.
  9. Friendly staff here at Chocoholics to help and advise you.
  10. Your friends will benefit from free delivery by ordering through you.
  11. Read more HERE about what to do when you get your pack

Fill in the form below to get more information about joining us.