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Gold Discount Customers Help Page

Gold Discount Customers

Ask to join our Gold Discount Customer Plan HERE

If you have tried our F&F pack in the past and realised how easy it is to collect orders, or if you know lots of people personally e.g. on Facebook, then the Gold Discount Customer pack might be for you. It is also ideal for those who work e.g. in an office or supermarket or anyone involved in fundraising.

Although the initial cost of the pack is a little greater you get a lot more benefits: 20-30 brochures, a higher discount of 15% and free delivery on qualifying orders.  

When you get your pack you need to distribute the brochures as quickly as possible and invite the people you give them to to let you have their order and payment asap. As our season progresses we can run out of selected items and the easiest way to check availability of an item is to visit our website and search for it. If it is on our website then it is available at that time. If you hold on to their order for several weeks then that might change. We will also send you regular stock updates by email.

Once you have collected at least £175's worth of orders you need to summarise them on either the A3 summary sheet that came with your pack or on the Excel spreadsheet we emailed you. If you have not received the A3 sheet or Excel file please email me on Summarising the order in advance will make it much easier for you to give us the order and also reduce the risk of errors. 

How to summarise the order on an A3 order sheet:

a) On one side of the sheet is a list of all our products and there are columns headed Code and Order. As you pick up each individual order find the product codes on the A3 sheet and write the number required on the order column.

b) QUICK TIP, if the quantity happens to be double digit e.g. 12 - then put a circle round it. This avoids ordering in that case 3 when you want 12.

An alternative could be to use the 'Five Bar Gate' system of keeping a tally on the orders.   five-bar-gate.png 

It might also be worth writing the total of the box in a different colour ink.

c) If you have lots of orders it is possible you might need two sheets

d) On the reverse of the sheet is a list of 40 numbers where you can write the individual customers name and order value.

e) QUICK TIP - It is worth double checking the addition on the order form in case the customer has under or overcharged themself.  

Once you have entered all the orders on you are ready to contact us.

After summarising your order you have two options:

1) You can call us on 01189 321043 and give us the order over the phone. We will ask you for your postcode and this should bring your details up on our computers. We will confirm with you your GDC number, your full address and  mobile number. We ask for the mobile number because occasionally we might need to contact you but more importantly because our courier, DPD,  will contact  you by text with the estimated time of your delivery. You will also be asked for any special delivery instructions and will be notified of your delivery date. Please note some delivery addresses in the UK can take 2-3 days. 

You can then read out the items you need by quoting the code number and total quantity on the order. Ordering over the phone  also means that we can advise you of any items that have sold out and suggest alternatives.

If you are happy using the Excel spreadsheet then you can save yourself some time by emailing the summarised spreadsheet to us in advance on You can then call us a little later and we can go through it to answer any queries. We will also take payment at that point.

If you phone the order in, but it has not been summarised, it will take a long time to take your order and in that case the discount changes to 7.5% .

Once your order has been completed we will advise you of the total cost and your discount and we will ask you for your card details. We accept Mastercard and Visa and cannot accept payment by more than one card. We do not accept any other types of cards or cheques. If you want to pay by bank transfer please ask.


2) You can also order online quoting your GDC number in the Coupon Code box on the Shopping Cart page or by clicking on the coupon /gift certificate link on the order summary. Ordering online can be more convenient but you will need to request that we activate your GDC number by emailing Please remember that if you cannot find an item it may have sold out. As our season progresses the best way to find out about alternative options for sold out products is by ordering over the phone.

When your delivery arrives you will need to first of all check that the package is undamaged and then sign for it. You can then open the box(es) and lay everything out in readiness for checking. Take the order summary you used when calling us and carefully check that you have everything you ordered. DO NOT START PACKING ORDERS UP BEFORE CHECKING THE DELIVERY. If you do find any errors/damages then you will need to contact us with full details. In the case of damages we request that you take a picture of the damaged item and email it to us on so that we can show it to our courier.