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Get some discount by selling our chocolates



Earn some extra cash for Christmas by introducing our chocolates to your friends and getting a discount off the orders you collect.


1)   Join the plan now by pre-ordering a GDC pack for £7.50 on our website with delivery to you from the third week of September.

2)   You can then introduce our chocolates to everyone you know through social media or by handing out the 20 brochures we send you to people at your local schools, clubs, workplaces etc. You will get 15% discount and free delivery on all the orders you place on our website that are over £175.

3)   You could also qualify for an end of season bonus if your total sales over the Christmas season exceeds £300. Read more HERE. Bonuses are paid from mid December.

4)   The amount of discount you can get will depend on how much you sell to the people you know. In general the more work you put in to promote the range the more you will sell.

5)   If you are a fundraiser, have an existing online ‘selling’ page or simply have lots of contacts then the Gold Discount Customer plan could be ideal for you.

Order your GDC pack HERE



If your time is more limited, but you still want to get some discount, then take a look at our Family & Friends plan.

1)   You will be able to join the plan on our website for just £2.50 by pre-ordering a pack now with delivery approximately in the third week of September.

2)   When you join the plan we will put a £5.00 credit into your online account for you to spend during our Christmas season.

3)   We will send you 5 copies of our Christmas brochure for you to distribute among your family & friends. You can also promote our chocolates on social media.

4)   We will give you 10% discount and free delivery on all the orders you place on our website that are over £175.

5)   In our experience, if the total value of orders you collect is about £200 to £250 then the Family & Friends pack is the ideal pack for you.

Order your Family & Friends pack HERE.

When you join either plan your online account will be upgraded so that your discount is deducted automatically on qualifying orders.

The GDC plan is not available to offshore islands but you can join the Family & Friends plan.

If you order both then your account will be set up as a GDC account and you will lose the £5.00 cashback.

For more information on the two plans please complete the form below and we will contact you in early September with more details. You will then be able to order either the Family & Friends pack or the Gold Discount Customer pack on our website. 

If you have any questions you can call us 01189 321043.