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Fundraising with Chocolates


If you are involved in fundraising for a school, playgroup, nursery, charity, scouts, cubs, guides, hospital, brownies, or similar organisation then we have ways to help you make money by selling chocolate. Our range of luxury chocolates and gifts has been designed to appeal to all ages and tastes and with prices starting at 25p it is not difficult to encourage customers to support your fundraising efforts by ordering through you.

The way that you can fundraise will depend on how you work.

If you  have the contact details of your local Chocoholics Distributor then please contact them directly. 

1) You can promote our range via our Chocoholics brochures and if your combined sales are over £175, then you will be rewarded with a commission. This can either be 7.5% in cash or if you decide to take your commission in chocolates then you will qualify for 10% of your sales value in chocolates of your choice. You can then boost your funds by using them for a raffle or tombola. Another option is to use them as small gifts at a children's party.

In addition, if your sales reach specified levels you will also qualify for points as described in our brochures which you can then put towards a range of chocolates or non-chocolate gifts.

In our experience working with brochures is a great idea if you have a group of supporters and you are able to get some, or all of them, involved. If, for example, you persuaded ten people at a playgroup, school church or nursery to take a brochure each and they all collected e.g. £100 of orders from their family and friends then the cumulative sales could be over £1000. The profit from this would help your fundraising efforts considerably.

2) Another, more sociable, way is for one of your members to arrange a Chocoholics Chocolate Party either at their home or maybe a local meeting place. In this case the local Chocoholics Distributor would put up a display of our range, perhaps do a short presentation that involves sampling selected products and then encourage those attending to support your fundraising by placing orders.

If you do not have a local Chocoholics Distributor in your area then we can offer you these options.

1) Please telephone us with your details and we will send you a few brochures to distribute. Providing you collect orders worth at least £175.00 we will take a discount of 10% off the invoice and you will qualify for free delivery. We will provide you with carrier bags etc free of charge.

2) Alternatively we can now offer you our Gold Discount Scheme that will increase your income substantially and also enable you to maximise the commission you earn for your fundraising.  Please click HERE for more details

3) During the summer months we are often able to supply clearance lines at vastly reduced prices. These can make ideal raffle prizes, lucky dip gifts, competition prizes or simply for a table top sale and can generate a good profit. Many items are priced at Pocket Money prices so will be very popular with children. Our local Distributors have lots of information on what might be available but you can also contact us for the details.

If you need any other help or advice on the ways we can help please phone Chocolates for Chocoholics on 01189 321043 or click here to request a brochure or more details.